Deacon Ministry-aids the Pastor in his work, assists in the administration of the church ordinances.   Assists the Pastor with Baptism, and Holy Communion.  Visits the sick and shut-in. and cares for the needy.  With the assistance of the Trustee Ministry they also oversee the church finances, reporting to the Pastor.

Trustee Ministry-is responsible for the handling of the finances of the church. They receive and make disbursements of funds as directed by the Deacon Ministry and the Pastor.

Deaconess Ministry-assists the Deacon Ministry with caring for the sick and needy. Assist and prepare for Holy Communion and assist and prepare candidates for baptism.  Works with and assist young ladies in their Christian development.

Finance Ministry-assists in counting and recording all monies collected during worship services and other services when an offering is collected.

Pastor’s Aide Ministry-attends to the needs of the Pastor as he attends to the business of the church.  Provides services upon request and as needed.

Missionary Ministry-our mission is to take care of those in need in our church, community and around the world.  Visits the sick and shut-in.

Nurse’s Ministry-dedicated to helping those in need during services.  Administers basic medical attention and assesses the needs of any worshipper in distress, requesting emergency medical technicians when required.

Sunday School Ministry– provides Christian education classes each Sunday and coordinates Vacation Bible School and the church picnic annually.

Outreach Ministry-witnesses to the lost and unsaved and spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Visits the sick and shut-in.

Welcome Ministry-welcomes visitors and new members and provides them with a welcome packet.

New Members Ministry-provides new members with information concerning all the ministries of the church and all activities. Aids in the official registration of each member by collecting information that is provided to the Church Clerk.

Children’s Message Ministry-implements a Christian education program held during morning worship service for children ages two and up each Sunday.

Usher Ministry-consist of adults and youth. Assists members and visitors making them feel welcome and comfortable throughout the worship service and assists with any special needs they may have.  Assists with collection of the offering and making sure the sanctuary if left in an orderly manner.

Scholarship Ministry-awards scholarships to students within the guidelines and plans an annual recognition for scholarship recipients.

Youth Ministry-encourage, teach, support, and fellowship with the youth of the church providing them with Christian education and activities.

Editorial Ministry-publishers of The Red Bank Newsletter.  This is a quarterly publication with upcoming events, and new members information.

Culinary Ministry-prepares and serves food for church functions upon request. Maintains cleanliness of the kitchen.   Greets guests and members, also making them feel welcome as they are served.

Sound Technicians Ministry-records weekly worship service and records for those members who are not in attendance as well as for those who request a copy.  They will record special events upon request.

Seniors Ministry-for members 55 and older.  They participate in activities for their spiritual and physical development.

Laymen’s League-encourage the men of the church to fellowship and work together to win souls for Christ.  They encourage, teach and fellowship with the young men within and outside the church.   They work together to take care of minor physical needs of the Church.

Music Ministry-music plays an important and vital role in the worship of God, and our music ministry serves to enrich each worship experience through songs and praises.

Praise Dance Ministry-to magnify the name of the Lord through dance.